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Spring clean your thinking

When I think about spring I always think I should start cleaning the house, make some space in my wardrobe for spring and summer clothes.

What is Spring? It is when we get more light during the day, we see the change in the weather - more sunshine (hopefully), less rain and wind. If we live near any kind of natural surroundings we see the new buds on trees and plants, lots of snowdrops and at this time of year - bluebells, tulips and daffodils. The earth is warming up and everything that has been dormant over the winter starts to wake up. I suppose then Spring is about newness, regrowth, birth (we have 6 moorhen eggs on the river Chess where I live) and rebirth (tulips planted by previous owner are in full bloom). Apparently, there is an exact date for Spring to have started When does spring start? - Met Office - this year it was March 22nd.

Why Spring CLEAN? According to House and Garden The spring cleaning rules: tips for refreshing every room in the house | House & Garden ( there are festivals and religious events situated around Spring that ask for a clean house. For me I think that because we can sense newness and rebirth outside we want to bring some of that into our homes. There are obviously many different ways to spring clean your house and I'm going to leave you to find out about those by yourself. What I'm interested in today is how we can use that analogy or metaphor of spring cleaning to think about how we can clear our minds of some of the debris that might be lurking there. To do this I'm going to use some cleaning terminology .... hold on wait for it!!!

I am not going to be providing answers just posing some questions you can use to "self coach".

I hope that these questions are useful for a little mind-spring cleaning, if you are interested in doing some more work around your thoughts to create some clarity and enhance your life then get in touch.

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I really liked this .. the analogy of spring is so hopeful !! Thank you . I intend to use this

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