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Using Nature to unstick your thinking

If you are stuck in your thinking and can't get to the crux of the matter - take a walk outside with your coach.

There is much research to demonstrate that nature in all it's glory can support our well-being, even if it's only a short 10 minute walk How 10 minutes of walking can improve your mental wellbeing | London Evening Standard | Evening Standard. Walking can also support weight loss, reduce our blood pressure, boost our self-esteem and decrease our heart-rate - it can even make us better workers Why walking makes you a better worker - BBC Worklife.

Recently I read a study that showed even hearing a recorded bird song increased people's sense of well-being Hearing birdsong boosts human wellbeing, study confirms | The Independent.

Walking side-by-side with a coach can unleash creative and positive thinking.

Instead of staring at your coach via a screen walking side-by-side enables you to look around nature for inspiration: you might get a sense of calmness from the peace and quiet of the environment; you may feel the sun's warmth on your face and feel joy; you might smell the grass and the trees and unlock a thought; you might see the path ahead and have a realisation of the journey you want to take. These experiences may not happen in an office or online.

Why not ask your coach to walk with you - it doesn't have to be in the depths of a forest - perhaps round your local park or nearest green space - see how your thinking unlocks.

If you're interested to walk with me - email or give me a call - we can walk around the beautiful Chilterns.

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